Our first draw took place at the Christmas concerts 2012 and in its first year raised £1890. Having now completed the sixth year of draws, we have 112 members and this year raised £3375 for The Friends of BAYOC.

Thanks to our members, the 100 club is going from strength to strength and has become a significant fundraiser for The Friends of BAYOC, helping to ensure that the music making continues for another year. However, The Friends need to raise around £12000 per annum for the ensembles and choirs to continue in their current format, so new members are always welcome and our immediate aim is to now exceed 200 members, thereby further increasing the amount that we can raise for The Friends and increasing the number and value of the prizes that we can reward our winning members with.

Subscription to The Friends of BAYOC 100 Club is now the preferred financial support for The Friends, although the annual family membership that we ask you to donate at the beginning of each academic year, is still an available option. The 100 club allows you to pay in quarterly instalments and gives you the opportunity to win at the same time, although, of course, the small print has to say that there is never any guarantee of winning.

Membership of The Friends of BAYOC 100 Club is not restricted to just parents, carers and guardians, any supporters may subscribe, so remember to talk to grandparents and other family members who may like the opportunity to win some money whilst supporting your children. Additionally, many members now have two numbers in the 100 club and as a result, some lucky members win more than one prize in each draw.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the 100 Club that are not answered with the information above or in Our Rules, then please drop us an email to thefriendsbayoc100club@gmail.com .

All completed applications will need to be returned via the musical directors as we cannot accept electronic copies. Alternatively, you can email us on the above email and we will provide a postal address for you to return your application.

We hope that you will want to join our growing number of 100 Club members, but if you feel it is not for you, there is always the annual family membership which can be given directly to your child’s musical director.

Your continued support is needed and very much appreciated.

Thank you for interest in The Friends of BAYOC 100 Club, we are here, with your help, to support your children in their various orchestras and choirs.

Your ---> Application to Join the 100 Club should be printed off and returned to your ensemble conductor.

The Cost is £15 per quarter and there is the chance to win cash prizes, whilst supporting the charity.

Winners’ details are posted after each draw on our Newsblog.

Please make yourself aware of the Rules of the 100 Club

Subscription to The Friends of BAYOC 100 Club is now the preferred means of financially supporting The Friends, although the annual family membership that we ask you to donate at the beginning of each academic year is still an option.

For those of you not familiar with a 100 Club, let me tell you briefly about it.

 -       It is a fundraising vehicle, similar to a lottery, for all the orchestras and choirs.

-       The funds earned by the 100 Club will be split 50 / 50 to fundraise and to provide a prize fund for the subscribers.

-       We are regulated by Hart District Council under the Gambling Act 2005 registration number 655.

-       Each subscriber is allocated their own number in the 100 Club and will keep that number for the duration of their membership.

-       Subscription is by quarterly £15 standing order.

-       Roughly each quarter the numbers for each subscriber will be entered in a publicly drawn draw.

-       The winning numbers will each receive a monetary prize.

-       The value of the prizes is dependent upon the number of subscribers for each draw, so it is not possible to give you exact figures for the prizes, but we currently award 22 prizes each quarter with a first prize of £120 (double the annual subs) and 10 sixth prizes of £20 (more than one quarter’s subs).

-       Despite its name, we will not be restricting the quantity of numbers to 100, in fact our current aim is to achieve 200 numbers.